We offer 3D scanning services using the highest quality scanner – Focus 3D X 330 FARO, a modern device for 3D documentation.

Main advantages of the 3D scanning:

  • Focus 3D X-330 scans objects at a distance of 330 m. thus high and distant buildings are available, scanning of complex structures and places with difficult access is quick and easy task now. Measurement time is much shorter comparing to commonly used methods.
  • The integrated GPS receiver makes the task of combining scans at the stage of compiling the data much easier. With this feature, the laser scanner is ideal for any kind of surveying.
  • Focus 3D X-330 allows to perform quick and accurate scanning in direct sunlight.
  • FARO Focus 3D Scanner X330 provides exceptional quality of the scanned data over an extended range with very low noise.
  • Remote control WLAN Scanner allows to start and stop the execution or display of scans from a distance.



Scope of services

  • Processing results to point cloud or triangle mesh,
  • Exporting results to a format – rcp, rcs, pts, e57,
  • Solid and surface modeling – creating full object geometry (CAD files) based on point clouds obtained as a result of scanning,
  • Preparing technical documentation of scanned components,
  • Scanning of details with the possibility of applying real and colorful texture.


Cost of services

  • Projects have a different level of complexity.
  • The cost depends on many factors: access to the area, complexity, location of the scan and scope of the order.
  • The cost of performing the scan is preparing individually.
  • If you would like obtain detailed information, please contact us.
  • We will develop an individual offer compatible to the specific needs of your company.